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Thursday, September 4, 2008

save the drama for your mama

hey kids.
so i found this new website from euroland that fucking rules and is going to consume a lot of my future paycheques.

so last weekend... crazy.
friday night was the dbd warriors terror show. kinda lame. lame people. lame ex girlfriends trying to blow anything that spoke. lame crackheads breaking into vans.
the usual non stuck in the city show garbage.

Saturday moms came down and hung out with me and Katherine for a while. i've known Katherine since i was born and she finally came back from out west last week so it ruled seeing her. (don't go back you bitch)..... (much love)
Anyway, after lunch at Danis work Kat went to find a place to live and mom and i tried to venture to the waterfront. after she bought me shoes and i took her to H&M.
needless to say we didn't make it to the waterfront. but it ruled seeing my mom. because my mom rules. (which is obviously why I rule)
from SATURDAY night i slept fucking... something rediculous like 23 hours and woke up monday morning with a headache from hell, so naturally i went to hang out with my good friend vik, see his new place, and watch the season premier of gossip girl with bee and catherine.
seeing that show just makes me love leighton meester more and more every time.

Yesterday i did this crazy TIFF kick off party. it was....crazy. i don't have any other words to describe it. a venue that i thought was substantially large became smaller and smaller within minutes until it eventually took me half an hour to get from the front of the building to the back room where we were keeping everything important.
shit got hectic. and it was a lot of fun.

but i'm super glad it's over.

TUESDAY i'm going to get my back finished. and while i thought i was going to get matt to draw out the script i want on my stomach while i was there... i'm going to do this instead. (with some minor changes...)
seeing as i'm working so many corporate functions in the next few months i really have to hold off on all things visible for a little while until i build up a client base that isn't going to care about my tattoos.
so anyway, i'm making it a side piece.
and the always heavy handed matthew ellis is PROBABLY going to destroy me... so if anyone wants to come see me cry i'd appreciate a distraction when i get this bad boy started.

well, it's 5 after 5. i have to get out of here and see what's up tonight.
i gotta be at the TSX tomorrow morning at 7:30, but does anyone wanna party? DLYF?


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Lee Robert said...

My girl orders from ASOS at least once every week or two, it's great. She also bought me some awesome jeans from there last month as well. Sweet website, loads of Fred Perry on there for me to look at as well.