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Monday, September 8, 2008

nothing important.

current things i'm lurking.

i'm muchos sickos.
this weekend was a weird blur and i don't really feel like getting into details of what i did.
this week is going to be much of the same.
-sales downtown
-shitty office work
-bffles return
-tattoo tomorrow
-dlyf thursday (maybe)
-unrequited text messages
-waking up at 5am to pumpkin
-jen g in mtl (gay)
-running out of money
-not having a bike or a dog
-being sick
i want nate to come back.
i can't wait for the 19th weekend.
and it seems like everyday i'm giving up on/regaining hope with so many aspects of my life it's actually impossible to keep track.
stay out of trouble kids.

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