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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It really pisses me off when people just act like you don't exist.
and i don't mean strangers.... that i could care less about. I mean people that you were legitimately friends (or other) with at some point in time that pretty much just cut you out of their life for no real reason other than they found something better to occupy their time with.

or someone.

it's no wonder i don't bother trying to be friends with anyone anymore. keeping up a relationship with someone shouldn't be tiring...
and when did being a total dick become cool again?



Sam J said...
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Sam J said...

I couldn't agree more, but think about. If someone treats you as that expendable do you really want them as a friend?

As for being a total dick being cool again, that's a latent bi-product of male culture. You're taught to believe if you're not alpha male you're alone, or permanently friend zoned, which is pretty much the same thing. In addition, many of these assholes get away with it so that only serves to reinforce the belief this is proper behavior.

Think about, when's the last time somebody held a door open for you for longer than 3 seconds.