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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Enemy #1

there are a lot of things i don't want to talk about.

Lately i've been putting my trust in the TTC to take me places far away from my home after work. Monday night i ended up in the beaches, which is definitely not nearly as cool at 9:30 at night. I don't know what it is about taking the queen streetcar places but sometimes when i have a lot on my mind and nothing to do that's what i turn to.
the good old 501.
Usually east bound.
because who the fuck likes etobicoke anyway.
I'm alone in the office for the first time in what seems like forever. Not that that has anything to do with me not writing as much lately.. i guess i just haven't had a lot to talk about.

I'm really excited to go away this weekend. All i can think about is the times Katie, Dani and I would drive to montreal, even if montreal is actually the one place i wish i never had to think about, and it makes me really excited to have rediculous sing a longs and play dumb car games with my two favourite people in the entire universe.

The rest of this entry is going to be devoted to what males should never own, or wear, if they are interested in getting laid by anyone who isn't a hippie or who's last name doesn't end in "ia" or "io"....or i suppose just "i".

it's bad enough that they're now "in style" for those weird hipster meets abercrombie type broads... but on men? never.

TEVA sandals. ESPECIALLY with socks.
most frequently seen on old Asian/European men.
and unless you are either of those things... lets keep it that way.

Hiking Boots
There is no reason, anyone who lives in the city of toronto needs to own a pair of these.
i know a lot of you want to DRESS like lumber jacks... but unless you get out of toronto every weekend to explore the great outdoors.... or something... better just leave these alone.

Bell Bottoms.
John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever....
Need i say more?

ANYTHING made by parasuco.
OKAY. so i live near Corso Italia. and yeah i might have a little bit of a bias because dudes who wear this crap always seem to have something lame to say about my tattoos and it's annoying. But parasuco is like the leader in mens clothing for still using a bedazzler.
so i guess, if you want to be known as the guy who pays too much money to a shitty designer to bedazzle his clothing, then fine.
anyone who can take on that title is a man regardless.

i feel another night alone is needed.
maybe i'll go somewhere and write.
i guess if worse comes to worse i could always watch Dracula for the 3rd night in a row.
Winona Ryder is so hot in that movie.


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