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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Fuck It I need beeeerrrrrr"

cue vik running off into the night.

SO this weekend was actually so decent thanks to the random events of saturday night.
Friday night was a bit of a write off. Took the TTC along king out to broadview and then back to dufferin along dundas hating life. went home, angry slept and then woke up to vik texts about gyming.
Went to vik's, played some rock band 2, went to the gym, came back to do vik's homo fantasy hockey pool, got pizza and then went to meet up with Queen Bee at Dundas square. Thats when the night started to get random. but in a really good way.
Hung out at Patrick's for a little while and watched the monstrosity that is "So You Think You Can Dance" canada. waited around for a little while before giving up on scott and going to Dee's.
I drank a lot of water.
Everyone got foods and we just hung out waiting to see if anyone was going to join us there.
"and what does that say?"
"sink, swim"
"and what's the relevance of that?"
i love humans!
after dee's we said goodbye to bee and started a trek to queen and ossington to meet up with the ever elusive scott. we got to about... dundas and ossington at 1:55 and vik decided he wasn't going to miss out on last call and went tearing off down the sidewalk to get beer. I've never seen vik run so fast in my life.
As it turned out scott was at neither Sweaty Betties or Baby Huey's, and we temporarily lost vik but found this guy, which was almost as good.
Once we located Vik we wandered all the way down to parkdale to hit up the Rhino, which i haven't been to since i moved out of parkdale (R.I.P 1365), to finally find scott, who happened to be accompanied by a very drunk jamie, a very drunk laxton, a birthday bergin, and a seemingly angry jesse. Plus some other people i don't really know.
anyway, the time spent at Rhino wasn't anywhere close to how long it took us to get there, and before long Vik's umbrella was broken and i was waiting alone for the Dufferin bus to take me back to my house.

Anyway, i woke up sunday with a fucked up back from sleeping weird and spent the rest of the day starting to clean my house and then bailing to go hang out and play more Rock band.
we unlocked motorhead.
and linkin' park.
need i say more?

ANYWAY, strip club friday night.
it's on, and if you're cool you'll come out.
just sayin'.


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