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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ohhh nooo

jen and i.
workin that weasel.

so what if i'm a little bit of a terrible human being, thats why most of you love me.
and i more like to consider myself as being determined.

i have a tasting this morning at enwave then i'm heading over to Cervelo Cycles to set up my stupid event. Fruit, and pastries, and coffee are so boring.

i need to start planning million dollar parties. and thats all there is to it.

Made an appointment to finish the beast yesterday. Matt Ellis is such a solid guy you should all really check out his work.

I ALSO, dyed my hair brown again yesterday... pictures to follow. soon. seriously.

in the meantime.... someone PLEASE buy me this BB Dakota dress:

DLYF tomorrow night. come out. i wont be crazy.
vik probably will.


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The Young Idea said...

i think i might be coming out tonight since it'll be one of hotfun's last nights in town before he heads back west. i won't be drinking or anything cause i had to lend my brother 100 bucks that i'm unsure as to whether or not i'll get back... but i should be there for at least a little bit!