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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snap back to reality

sometimes it's nice to think that you can help everyone.
and sometimes it's nicer to realize that people have to help themselves.

it's been fun being not me for three weeks. Drinking excessively and talking to/hanging out with people i would never had my life not come to some weird screeching halt. but now that I've got it all out of my system, it's time to get things back on track.

I have been seriously considering leaving Toronto lately. (dun dun dunnnnn...) just for a year or so to go live somewhere I've never been before. how many times have i said this. i know. but i feel like i need to start knowing places outside of Toronto. or even Ontario for that matter. (and anywhere in Quebec doesn't count...)

There's not a lot for me here other than my job and my friends. not that either of those things aren't worth enough to make me stay, I'm just getting restless.
i hate going home and having everyone in my neighbourhood stare at me because I'm a female and i don't have a Portuguese mustache or micro braids.
i hate comming into work and hearing my boss screaming at the people at Bell Canada for the third time in one week.
i hate meeting the same people over and over again who aren't worth my energy and definitely aren't worth my time.

SO i suppose i feel it may be time to take action.
i am currently planning two trips... one to New York City and one to California. if i have to go by myself i will, but i need to stop sitting around so much all the time talking about where i want to go and just fucking go already.

i wish i had more IRL stuff to update you on but i haven't really done anything since friday night. i don't even know if i told anyone what i did on friday night but i probably shouldn't talk about it yet.

i would like to have all of my tattoos done in Copenhagen by this guy.
i'm still looking for someone who does really good traditonal style work in toronto. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. even...outside of toronto. hook me up.

also, if anyone has any suggestions of some cool places i should visit in the states, i am taking those as well.

Paris stole my best friend. (but i love that shirt...and i guess technically she is in england right now)
but i made a new friend. it seems like even when i don't want them, they always want me.



Nasty Nate said...

come visit meeeeee

Lee Robert said...

That shirt fucking sucks. Those trainers are only for playing football, or soccer, whatever you people call it. I figured why not get the most obnoxious pair I can find?

Later hater.

Michelle said...

omg i wanna go to cali.