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Thursday, August 28, 2008

can't sleep, clowns'll eat me.

can't sleep, cat will eat my feet.
....i don't want to talk about it.

yesterday i had serious Vik hangouts. the Dufferin mall is so culture.... but he got his Fukudome shirt and i didn't find anything to wear to my TIFF party on wednesday. We ventured all the way to Yorkdale, which i haven't been to in forever, to shop for about 40 minutes. good times.
On our way to pick up Bee from work some homeless man called me a dyke for not giving him a cigarette. i was pissed for about 2 seconds and then it was just funny.

i'm so tired right now i can't even think straight.
I found two belmont reguars in my pack of belmont extra lights today. now, whats the big deal? the big deal is i've already smoked a bunch of them. and it makes me wonder if there were more, and if this is some weird tobacco conspiracy to make me more addicted to cigarettes. (eventhough i'm not addicted to cigarettes.... but from an average persons perspective this might be irritating.)
and it's not like i've never smoked the regulars, i just find it sneaky.
i hate sneaks.

so there's this married couple that take the bus to st clair together every morning..(well, he goes to st clair and she goes to dufferin station). they're a little nerdy and a lot indie rock and both fairly young, but they actually make my heart melt everytime i see them. Everytime she looks at him it makes me feel like they're on a first date, because she always seems to be totally swooning. it's precious.
i'm actually the biggest hopeless romantic at heart. and seeing people like those two give me hope that maybe i wont be alone for all eternity.

Anyway, tomorrow should be interesting. (terror, DBD, warriors....)
I'd rather just hang out with you but long weekends mean you have no life. (thanks for the phone call though)
i want to go away right now.
i'd appreciate if you took your snark remarks elsewhere.
and you should stop wasting your time on people who don't deserve it.


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