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Monday, August 18, 2008

here it is.

my IRL blog.
i grew up in a town of upper class, predominantly white dutch christians. and although a lot of my day to day comments may seem to state otherwise, i have nothing against being in the money, OR white people, especially if they happen to be dutch.

i moved to oshawa when i was 19 to go to school. (what a bust).

and then i moved to toronto. and here i am, still not really knowing what to do with my life, making mons and trying to fill the gaps of non-work time with things and people that seem worthwhile.

If you're interested, follow along. i'm going to try and update as much as possible with photos of my day to days, and stories of the same.
i'm also going to be following the vans market and other companies/things i'm interested in a lot more closely.

so if ANY of those things interest you, get readin'.

THIS, is one of Obey's new little treasures (80$) that i hope to find somewhere in the near future:

there's a totally adorb matching wallet that you can get too for an extra 40$.
...i currently have a slightly disgusting obsession with matte studs. sue me.

anyway, i'm in the works of getting my home computer back up and running with an internet connection so i will upload some IRL photo's soon. swear.

in the meantime, it's monday.
and i have IRL work to do.


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