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Monday, August 25, 2008


this weekend was interesting.
to say the least.

in the span of two days and one night i have done the following:
-gotten to know someone a little better
-gone for brunch
-gotten a cat
-watched entirely too many movies
-written a suprisingly long short story from start to finish
-given up on someone
-listened to only immortal technique (revolutionary, Vol. 1... because it is significantly better that Vol. 2, with the exception of "obnoxious" and "freedom of speech")
-taken a lot more photos of stupid stuff around my house
-fucked up my neck from sleeping on the couch because spencer is a drunken asshole (love you spence)
-bought my first (and last) issue of cosmo
-put fake nails on
-took fake nails off (and ripped my real nails off in the process)
-heard from katie! yay.

this weekend was actually a much more condensed version of everything i've felt in the past month rolled into two days. some of you might know what that means and most of you probably wont but thats ok.

overall i'm pretty hopeful about things to come in the next few months. Maybe a bike, maybe a dog, definitely not a loft in liberty village but one can dream.

if anyone knows of artists who do really good traditional style tattoos please let me know. or link me to some of their work... i need to get some serious work done soon.


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Kenzie said...

Too bad you didn't live here! I know some good traditional artists.