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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movin' up

so we moved our entire office upstairs yesterday.
computers. desks. fax machine. everythinnng.
i didn't realize i knew so much about computer set up. we were done in like half an hour and i saved us about 300$. (end bragging.)
HOWEVER, this is quite possibly the end of me lurking the internet for hours on end at work seeing as my boss now sits directly behind me. thumbs down.

hung out with (insert name here) yesterday. i haven't seen him in such a long time and quite honestly not a lot has changed. and thats not a bad thing. sometimes i like people to stay constant... it's nice to know you can rely on things staying the same sometimes.
telling you all who i'm talking about would bring more drama to my life and his than either of us should have to deal with in an entire lifetime. some people just seriously lack in maturity.

i don't know whats up this week. i don't have a lot of money until next paycheque and i don't know if i feel like hitting DLYF this week. My mom is probably comming down on the weekend, which rules because she hasn't even seen my new house yet and it'll be the first time i've seen her where i don't have to hide any of my tattoos. bonus. BUT, i will probably go shopping with B saturday if my mom comes sunday. so atleast i have one thing to look forward to.

so, everyday i take the TTC atleast twice to get to and from work. which involves a bus, the subway and another bus. I have lived in the city for almost 2 years now and it blows my FUCKING mind how many people who get onto the ttc, do not know how to get off of it. I'm not sure, if everyone is just mildly retarded, or if there really is a disgusting amount of illiterate people walking around... but when there are large font signs stating the proper way to exit a bus or a streetcar, or there are big yellow poles with the word PUSH in giant black letters on them, i don't understand how atleast once a day i see someone yell to the front about how they can't get out the back doors.
i think the TTC and the people who take it are one of my biggest pet peeves on the planet.
along with people who leave miniscule amounts of liquid in milk cartons/juice cartons/pop bottles and leave them in the fridge. I HATE YOU ALL.

So, with that being said... i should probably find something to fill my afternoon with seeing as the boss lady should be back from lunch soon.

just because you've never done it doesn't mean it can't be done...
if you know who sang that i'll be your friend for life.


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