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Friday, August 22, 2008


yeah i know right.
I high jacked my work computer to upload all my garbage photos.
my top 5 songs about break ups:
(in no particular order)

Sincerely Yours - Hit the Lights
Ballad for the Lost Romantics - New Found Glory
I Swear - The Loved Ones
I Like the Nightlife Baby - The Suicide File
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

blah blah blah. Last night was less than what i expected. not that it wasn't fun but there weren't a lot of party people there and jen bailed. bad jen.
But i love vik and sarah. and it was nice to finally see dani after like.. 6 days
oh and JOSE showed up. little broooooo! pics to follow.
SO as i told everyone... i dyed my hair. Katie moved and my shower caved in all in the same day, so i did it at her new place in parkdale (represent).

it's a really nice place. if i had of stayed at my old house we would have practically been neighbours. i need to get this little guy back from her so i can paint him...

look at those cute little legs! just be in my room already.

apparently this is what i do while i dye my hair alone in the bffles bathroom. who knows? i'm just getting used to taking my camera out places again, and have put serious thought into learning all my manual settings. im a huge nerd. you get the idea.


i got so much shampoo in my eye it was dumb. totally dumb. but now i feel good about my hair again. which may not matter to any of you, but definitely matters to moi.

I don't really have anything else to say. today has been weird. i realize i say really dumb things to people i don't want thinking i'm dumb. it's hotter than hell. and i all i want is a dog and a bike and a loft or condo in liberty village.


vik loves iphone.

I love shoes

katie has wicked stuff. jealz.

this is my shower. :(

This is why you shouldn't put plastic in the microwave. (duh)

This is why i love asian grammar.

Parkdale at it's finest

i pretty much just want to look like a doll. all the time.

and you, who probably wont ever bother reading this... please stop pretending like i don't exist. I've come to terms with the fact that i wont get to see you before you take off, so good luck with everything, and PLEASE be careful. and if you ever need ANYTHING, you know where/how to find me. i miss you.


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