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Monday, January 19, 2009


most of the time i believe astrology is bullshit. but sometimes it throws generic shit like this at me and it just so happens to pertain to my life so vividly that it's hard to ignore.

Try not to get weighed down by your own emotions today, dear Gemini, but make sure you give them the opportunity to have their time in the spotlight. You may find that there is a strong force working to cover up the truth of what you really feel. Make sure you express yourself openly and honestly. At the same time, you don't want to be so over-dramatic that you blow things out of proportion and add more melodrama to the situation.

I ran into my old best friend yesterday with his current girlfriend who is basically the reason we aren't friends anymore. that was awkward. the conversation ended with him telling me to "get out". (of grimsby). and i think it was meant to be funny but at the same time maybe not.

I lost a really huge job at work today. one i've been working on for like... 3 months. and the woman wasn't overly nice about it considering the time i put into revising her stupid proposal 800 times with the we have no money, we have money, we have no money again bullshit, and the fact that i went on a site visit last monday. not impressed.

all i wanna do i LVL.
and maybe hibernate for like 2 months.
i am like the human definition for caring too much...too fast...too often.
you get the idea.


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