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Monday, October 6, 2008

when life gives you lemons

.....i really wish life would stop giving me fucking lemons. haha

my grandad went into ICU yesterday.
i was in guelph hanging out with three of the coolest little boys on the planet when my mom called. i guess it isn't good. i guess he's having all these weird complicatons they weren't expecting and he's just getting weaker and weaker and more out of it.
I couldn't bring myself to go down there yesterday. seeing him like that is so depressing and i don't want my last memories of my grandad to be of him in the hospital raging and in pain and not really knowing who i am.
no thanks.

anyway, the shit with ***** and this is only two of a common "bad things come in three's" fate, so i'm waiting for something else really awful to happen to kind of cap off this great time i've been having. perhaps i'll lose my job.
or if i'm really lucky i'll get hit by a truck or something.
who knows.
so if i've been texting any of you incessantly and hating life i'm sorry. i'm really just trying to take my mind off things.

can't wait for thursday. hung out with Vik last night and spent a rediculous amount on groceries. also aquired thrashin', fight club, the notorious bettie page, and marie antoinette on the weekend for a grand total of 29$. that ruled. and hopefully this week i'm going to get my stomach tattooed. hopefully.

anyway, i have interviews to do... if anyone wants to hang out this week let me know, i'm going to try and keep myself as busy as possible while trying to avoid high traffic streets and parking lots.
har har.


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