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Friday, October 10, 2008

life lessons.

my current daily album playlist:

lifetime - lifetime
lifetime - jersey's best dancers
new found glory - tip of the iceberg
loved ones - keep your heart
loved ones- build and burn
bars - introducing
suicide file - some mistakes you never stop paying for
justin timberlake - future sex/love sounds

Last night i headed to siesta to hang with vik.
I've never seen any of the bands that played last night live before but trap them was unreal. Siesta Nouveaux was such a fucking wicked find for this city. and the stuff that goes on there is almost always 100% decent and actually makes me enjoy going to shows again.
Anyway, saw a lot of Jose, which was awesome because you can never get enough little brother in your life. shared my rosemary and olive oil triscuts with everyone (I'm actually a little surprised at the amount of people who didn't even know they existed...)
i love sharing.
and then yeah, saw a bunch of other people i really like seeing and that was that.
I'm a little bitter about the occurrences of the rest of the night... but i wont get into those because it's really not important.
It did however, somehow trigger a bunch of shit I've been mooring over the past few weeks and helped me come to a few decisions.
For the next little while i am going to be pretty much entirely encompassed in work. and my writing. I really want to make as much money as humanly possible and seeing as my boss wants me to start going to all these events I'm just going to suck it up and serve for all these corporate assholes and make a lot of money doing so.
I also want more than anything to have a solid piece of writing finished by new years. a piece being a short story, or a couple chapters of this book I've been trying to write for like.. 5 months, or a collection of other crap... anything. anything that i can use to submit as a sample so i can do freelance work, or something i can use as a strong base for something bigger.

then in my spare time, at least whatever is left of it, I'm going to get tattooed.
and buy records.
probably get poutine from utopia with Jen.
and VACATE Toronto as much as i can manage.

my schedule for the next week is as follows:

Friday - Hamilton hangs (YAY), possibly the ERGS! show or Circa
Saturday - boots shopping with wifelife, home for mom times
Sunday - vegetarian buffet thanksgiving at moms (my mom being veg. is so sick)
Monday - visiting grandad at his house (hopefully... I'm pretty sick of mcmaster) and seeing some of the relatives from England.
Tuesday - work 9-5, work at CTV for the elections party/show 5-1am
Wednesday - work 9-5, possible jose hangs
Thursday - work 9-5, possible jose hangs
Friday - work 9-5, eating glass at siesta
Saturday - tattoo appointment 6pm - 8ish, possible trek to Burlington for eating glass at Spencer's
Sunday - record shopping

anyway, i have a lot of shit to do, including a huge wedding proposal...
seems like I've been saying this a lot lately, but it's time for a new start.

so lets leave the past behind us, and focus on whats next...

you know what i mean?

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triscuits are my lifesource

so is poutine. so are you.