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Thursday, February 5, 2009

sick as a dog.

i was.
but im actually feeling better except that my blackberry seems to be screwing up already after only having it for like 2 weeks.
I haven't written in a while. i feel like i don't have a lot to say that i haven't already said a million times before.
i need a vacation.
my boss is crazy.
i love/hate toronto.
etc etc.

Taking jen to Mtl next weekend with me courtesy of my bossypants. thanks for the free hotel/plane tickets you batshit crazy piece of woman you. I'm supposed to be going to some huge event planning trade show/work shop things but whether or not i'll actually make it is another story to any/either of those.

You have quickly proven to be more than i ever thought possible, especially once i thought things started to go down the tubes, and i don't even deserve you. it sucks so much for me to see you so unhappy when the answer is so simple. or atleast seemingly simple to me... maybe i just don't understand having never worked 7 days a week in my life, but i can only imagine what that would do to me. physically and emotionally draining. thats all i can think over and over in my head and i wish there was some way i could get you out of this. thats not something i want anyone i care about to have to try and cope with on a day to day basis. And not being able to make you feel better kills me everyday...i can read you better than you think i can. and probably better than you hope i can too.

All i want to do lately is watch true romance because it reminds me of you.
I really fucking miss Dom. anyone who calls me "baby penguin" on the regular is someone i need to have in my life more. haha
I also miss Michelle, which reminds me that i need to read her blog when i'm done writing this...
and katie gale is the light of my life with her bk big fish and her baby face being late for workies due to bk big fishes and google image searches. big fish bk google big image fish searches.

AND it makes me glow on the inside comming home to two spaghetti cats, A.A.H, and Men Chillen erry dayz.

Life is good. lets get big.

P.S. i plan on writing the longest "THESE ARE THE ITEMS I CURRENTLY WANT TO OWN" entry when i get home. beware.

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