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Friday, February 20, 2009

hey dj pump this party

i wish the whole world loved 90's dance tunes as much as i do.
i actually had a really decent time last night. the music sucked. and most of the people sucked.
But actually hanging out with jose was awesome.
and having polasian (dont ask) phil over was also awesome.
and i'm glad i finally got to see alex for once on one of her trips home from ottawa.

i might be more than a little bit stoked on these...

I might have worn them to work this morning even though there was very minimal sun. and Annie might be one of the most solid, honest, giving, and fucking wicked people i have ever met. Big ups to Jen Gillen for being a great judge of character. i can't wait until she comes down again.

I am super into pictures of pictures lately. and revamping. you know... revamping? no more red hair. no more overgrown bangs. no more blue room. no more living on a couch. no more bad friends. no more heartaches.
and lots of party.
(and bullshit....)

Baby Zipper might be growing on me...maybe.


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