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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

oh heyyy blog friends.
it's been a while. the office has been a bit uptight and hectic lately so it's been harder for me to write. Plus, seeing as my life seems to be the largest pile of shit lately i didn't want this to turn into bummerspot.

two things i am looking forward to:
getting tattooed on sunday. KINDA. i'm liking getting tattooed less and less because i think my pain tolerance is going away forever... but this ones important. My grandad probably isn't going to make it to Christmas. so atleast he'll get to see this before he goes.
and fitness with jen on Saturday. FITNESS! the act of getting and being fit. melon pants. melon ass. mash ups. omg.

Winter has always sucked for me. no matter whats going on it's just never a good time. This year it just seems like there's a lot more shitty garbage adding to how crappy my winter is going to be. Crappy living situations, crappy friends, crappy grandad situation.

If you're going to talk to people about me behind my back i am not going to be friends with you.
end of story. i am above all of this petty bullshit that no one i used to be friends with seems to have outgrown.
i am not going to get involved, and you and i are no longer cool.
thats all there is to it.

i am trying to make my room as much it's own space as humanly possible. if anyone wants to come to ikea with me next weekend to shop for some stuff... i'd appreciate the company.

i'm starting to just not care anymore, about a lot of things... which honestly should probably concern me. but it doesn't.
which ironically, is concerning in itself.

SHOES! i can't be bothered to explain all of them but most of them are artist releases (like musicians), a pair of "thrashin" sb highs, the MOB hi edition that i wish didn't have patent leather, and those patent fucking studded supra's that i want just for those times i like to dress up and pretend i'm gene simmons.

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the bdsm gene simmons ones rule.

those would go great with melon ass.

or alex's kinkybee outfit.