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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

where have all the good people gone

fuck your falsehoods.

thank you to the one person who apparently cares about my well being these days.

VANS update -
spent way too much time alone in the office yesterday. I'm super into the Chukka low's right now... anyone who shares my unfortunate chubby ankle situation should be too.
all of these rule:

(for all of you that don't know, neck face is a graffitti artist from california. he's the art director for Baker Skateboards and does work with a lot of different companies providing artwork for all sorts of products.)

chukka lows. super simple, super nice.

if i didn't have fat ankles i would totally rock these. the feathers are so cute. (and all of you know my thing for feathers)

and these are for Vik...




im so bored, aka abusing your blog.


all those hightops are unreal .

Vik said...

Def getting those Simpsons slipons thanks babe