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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just call me debbie downer

yesterday was by far one of the worst days of my life to date.

FOR STARTERS, this wasn't meant to be the end all and be all of our friendship. we just don't work in a living environment together because we are too different now. you have your priorities, i have mine, you have your views on things, i have mine, etc etc.
This didn't need to turn into some childish "meet me on the playground at 3" type shit.
just saying.

My mom came down yesterday to go see Repo with me. Yeah i was in it. Yeah i saw myself. I was really irritated and she was obviously over tired and we kind of bickered a lot. She told me that the last time i saw my grandad was probably the last time i was going to get to talk to him. he doesn't really wake anymore for longer than 3 minutes. and maybe twice a day.
he didn't even get to see my tattoo.

I have to move in february, i don't really know how i'm going to afford that yet since i wasn't planning on leaving until march really at the earliest. I don't think i want to live with anyone but at the same time i can't really afford not to. the whole situation is really fucked up and i'm sure what i'm going to do.

i also, in a span of about 5 minutes last night managed to light one of my gloves completely on fire and break the zipper on my wallet, which allowed me to lose my last 40$ until friday.

after the already mentioned occurences of this week... i don't really know how much worse things could get right now. hahaha
and all i can do is fucking laugh.
about everything.


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dood :(

the couch offer still stands,
and that sucks you didnt get to show your grandad your tattoo,
you KNOW he'd appreciate the fuck out of it though xo