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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i fall asleep for like 3 hours at a time and then im awake for the rest of the night.
technically, because i am sleeping it cant be considered insomnia. i know... but all i want is just like one solid nights rest. please please please.

i decided this morning that im going to get my drivers liscense. other than the extra cost of taking my tests and driving school... i cant see anything but positive things comming from me learning how to drive (other than possibly an acute case of road rage...)

i'm trying to figure out all the things that are either going to A) make my life easier, B) make me feel better about myself, or C) help me bring me closer to where i want to be in life... and then take them on one or two at a time to see what i can actually accomplish.
i figure the more i have going for me the less i'll need other people to justify my self worth. or something.
this is all very easy for me to say.

we'll see if i actually make it through any of this.


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