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Thursday, December 4, 2008

all hope abandon, ye who enter here

SO woah. yeah. whats up Crisis week.
My grandad passed on friday, i'm sure you all heard. That was the hardest death i've ever had to accept. and thats all i want to say about that right now.
On Friday afternoon i left work to go be with my mom before we even knew any of this was going down and managed to dump an entire bottle of Vitamin water out in my purse all over my phone and ipod.
the ipod Survived. my phone... only kind of survived.

Yesterday i worked the Royal Bank Christmas Party and it actually ruled. I hate serving more than anything on the face of the planet, strictly because i'm totally done with jobs where people don't even see you as being human.
Anyway, i worked as a bar back which meant the only people i had to interact with were my own staff and that made the night awesome.
it still sucked being in a room of 600 suits... but i made a lot of money so i'm over it.
I'm doing the CIBC christmas party next week too, which should be atleast another 7 hours. moneymoneymoneymoneyiceymoneymoney.

does anyone even.... read this anymore? hahaha
i need more boots. and i wish i could wear heels sometimes.
this makes no sense because im on the phone with jen.

c u!

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