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Friday, March 27, 2009

there comes a time

where you have to look forward and stop trying to hold onto things from the past that meant something to you.
meant something to you then doesn't necessarily mean it means something to you dragging it into the present state of your life may not be beneficial.
it's sad (boo hoo)
and it seems like a pretty huge waste.

but the bottom line is i'm on to bigger and better things now.

i woke up this morning and my back still hurts. i'm not sure if it's from bowling or if my bed is fucking me up again. i swear to go if i get another pinched nerve i'm going to throw myself off a cliff. worst three weeks of my motherfucking life.

i'm obsessed with this site
most rediculous compilation of amazing photos i have ever come across. thanks gillie.

adam got me these:

because he is the greatest. ever. period.

all i do is party....(ha ha ha ha)
did i mention that yet?

i also found out about this all night rave dance party that MSTRKRFT is doing with Steve Aoki and Crookers and a bunch of others from alex yesterday. the thursday before good friday so technically i shouldn't have to work that day. maybe i'll go depending on ticket costs.

there is only one thing missing from my life right now and her initials are K.G.
why? because "it's in your fucking faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace".


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